NJECC’s 32nd Annual Technology Conference ~ January 9th, 2018

Keynote ~ Mr. Anthony Johnson
Sponsored by Apple Education

Join us for more than 100 presentations featuring professionals teaching in K-12 schools and universities. This year we will feature strands for Library Media Specialists, Math Teachers and English/Language Arts Teachers. We will offer hands-on sessions and BYOD sessions.

Come visit our exhibition area to view displays and demonstrations from vendors featuring the latest in educational technology products and services. 

Tuesday Presentations and Workshops are listed below. You are free to choose from any of the sessions when you register for the day. The detailed schedule will be available mid-December. If you choose to attend our post-conference workshops, you must register for the sessions individually. Pricing information can be found on the Conference Information page below.

Hands-On Post Conference Workshops are listed below by date and time. Descriptions are listed in the schedule. Please choose when you register. (Please note Google Certified Educator Bootcamp Level 1 is a two-day workshop for $299.00.)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - AM
Crack the Code
Now I have a 3D Printer
Making Chrome Work for You 
GOOGLE Bootcamp for Educators - Level I - Day 1

Wednesday, January 10, 2018  - PM
Google Forms - Learn to Love Data with Google Forms, Self-Correcting Quizzes, and Spreadsheets
Coding Across the Content Areas  
GOOGLE Bootcamp for Educators - Level I - Day 1

Thursday, January 11, 2018 - AM
Flipped Classroom
MakerSpace: Kids at Work
Getting Going with Google Classroom 
GOOGLE Bootcamp for Educators - Level I - Day 2

Thursday, January 11, 2018  - PM
Flipping Your Classroom with Google Sites and Google Classroom
Lego EV3 Robotics 
GOOGLE Bootcamp for Educators - Level I - Day 2



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Tuesday, January 9

9:00am EST

WELCOME & KEYNOTE: "High School Dropout to Teacher of the Year" ~ Anthony Johnson Montclair State UniversityAnthony Johnson

10:45am EST

Navigating the Copyright Maze Montclair State UniversityYvonne Roux • Victoria Wagner Google Apps for English/History Classrooms Montclair State University Opening Up Your Google Slides Montclair State UniversityRon Magnusson Improve Standardized Test Scores with Technology-Based Vocabulary Instruction Montclair State UniversityEllen Edmonds All the News That's Fit to Print, But is it Always? Montclair State UniversityDebra Gottsleben • Anne Piascik Building a School Maker Culture with MakerSpaces Montclair State UniversityDan Borghoff Coding for Elementary School Students Montclair State UniversityWendy Gilson Infographics with Google Drawing Montclair State UniversityAmy Popp Blending the Math Classroom Montclair State UniversityTheresa Chapman • Vanessa Waxman Integrating Technology in the Math Classroom Montclair State UniversityLawry Stein Using NASA Data to Enhance Lessons Montclair State UniversityStephanie Stern-Protz A Conversation with Anthony Johnson Montclair State UniversityAnthony Johnson Addressing the Social and Emotional Needs of Our Students Through Technology Montclair State UniversitySue Dobson • Chris Giordano Building Interactive Lessons - Interactive Slides & Videos Montclair State UniversityRuth Davis • Teresa Rehman Designing a Digital Citizenship Program [K-8] Montclair State UniversityDanielle Dagounis Include Virtual Reality Creation in Your Class Using CoSpaces Montclair State UniversityDee Ross Kalman Learning Apps for Rigor and Relevance Montclair State UniversityDana Sprague Let's Design Your Next Tech Integration Plan Montclair State UniversityNicholas Amaral • Jeffrey Bradbury The Tech Coordinator's Playbook: A Holistic Approach to Technology Support and Services Montclair State UniversitySean Beavers Backed by NSF-Funded Research, Drawp for School Reaches Students Where They Are Montclair State UniversityManuela Albir • Techxtend Chrome Tips and Tricks Montclair State UniversityLisa Thumann Implementing Pear Deck in the Classroom Montclair State UniversityJimmy Pineda The Color of Digi-Poetry 2.0 Montclair State UniversityJoseph S. Pizzo Digital Manipulatives Montclair State UniversityAgnes Azzolino Bringing Your Best to Personalize Learning Montclair State UniversityMegan O'Mara Engaging Web Tools for the Special Education Classroom Montclair State UniversityLauren Butterworth • Jessica Semeraro Getting Started with Google Sites Montclair State UniversityShivan Persad Giving in to the HyperDocs Hype Montclair State UniversityKatie Nieves Going Paperless: Leveraging Schoology, OneNote, and Google Apps to Their Potential Montclair State UniversityAlexander Kuziola The New Google Sites Montclair State UniversityBrianna Charles Touchcast Montclair State UniversityTodd Benington • Leslie Wise

11:55am EST

Digital Storytelling Through Video Game Design Montclair State University Inspiring Struggling Students in Language Arts Montclair State UniversityAmanda Lentino Personalized Learning and Student Choice in the Classroom Montclair State UniversityAJ Bianco 3D Printing in the LMC: Designing, Differentiating, Developing Montclair State UniversityJennie Pu • Beverly Tindall Being a Librarian in the Age of Alternative Facts Montclair State UniversityElissa Malespina Integration in the Library Media Center Montclair State UniversityLea Klein • Greg Slomczewski EVERFI: Education for the Real World Montclair State UniversityAmanda Vartabedian Intro to Coding: Making it Fun for K-5 Montclair State UniversityZania Saul Your School is Only as Good as Your Math Instruction Montclair State UniversityGary Stager Approach to Effective Integration of Technology in K-12 Schools Montclair State UniversityScott Curcio Coding in Schools: Learn to Code, Code to Learn Montclair State UniversitySamantha Morra Computational Thinking and Digital Citizenship: A Standards-based Approach to Problem Solving and Online Safety Montclair State UniversitySusan Akers • Esther Lewars Google Classroom for Administrators Montclair State UniversityMichael DeTuro • Susan DeVito Integrating Social Media in The Classroom Montclair State UniversityAmy Arsiwala • Ted Samaras Let Your Kids Plan the Trip Montclair State UniversityMichael Donovan • Christine Sullo Nurturing Introverts in Our Classrooms: Technology to Reach Even the Quietest Kids Montclair State UniversityChrissy Romano Promoting Digital Learning in the State - How Can the NJ DOE Office of School Innovation Help? Montclair State UniversityJoshua Koen Tackling Fake News: Coaching Students to Become Media Savvy Montclair State UniversityCara Berg • Yvonne Roux Technology is Not a 4-Letter Word Montclair State UniversityRachel Bello • Theresa Mello Tips for Developing Digitally Interactive Activities and Providing Opportunities for Student Peer Review Montclair State UniversityDavid Mwangi 5 Practical Solutions to Your Biggest Data Challenges Montclair State UniversityLink It!

12:25pm EST

1:10pm EST

Linking ELA, Math and Science Through Evidence-Based Reasoning Montclair State UniversityMary Ellen Aleksza • Kristal Waldron 1-2-3 Easy Drag & Drop Website Creator for Teachers and Students Montclair State UniversityMonica Burns Blended Learning in Language Arts Montclair State UniversityHayet Bensetti • Anna Boscarino • Yalitza Vega-Bajana Newsela 101 Montclair State UniversityTheresa Palumbo Creating Home-School Connections to Library Media Center Montclair State UniversityLea Klein • Meredith Weil The 5 W's of Library Makerspaces Montclair State UniversityAnastasia Hanneken • Heather Lister Gamify Your Math Class Montclair State UniversityDee Ross Kalman What Can You Do With a 3-D Printer? Projects for Cross-Curricular Integration Montclair State UniversityJohn Link • Pati Link Use Paint Shop and a Stylus to Improve Instruction. Montclair State UniversityAgnes Azzolino Assistive Technology in the School Setting Montclair State UniversityDonna Volpe Collecting Student Data with Google Forms Montclair State UniversityAlbert Spiegel Connecting Your Students With the World Montclair State UniversityPat Flavin • Laurie Ann Moore Digital Reflection Using Google Sites Montclair State UniversityLaura Garrison • Tricia Pohan Google Classroom, It's Not Only for Students! Montclair State UniversityMary Joy Falcone • Aimee Toth Innovative Communities of Practice and the Potential of Competency-Based Learning Montclair State UniversityChristopher Cox Open Educational Resources and Digital Textbooks: Understanding the Possibilities Montclair State UniversitySean Beavers • Michael Ben-David Social Media Integration: "Breaking Down" the Classroom Walls Montclair State UniversityMonica Crudele The Future Ready Schools - New Jersey Certification Program Montclair State UniversityJeremy Reich The Power of Positive Teaching Montclair State UniversityJennifer Latimer Character Development and Social & Emotional Learning: Web and Mobile Programs That Meet Students In Their World. Montclair State UniversityLuciano Gomez • Techxtend

2:00pm EST

2:20pm EST

Creating a Classroom of Independent Learners Montclair State UniversityAmanda Lentino Movie-Making on iPads and Chromebooks with Spark Video: Simple Steps for Getting Started Montclair State UniversityMonica Burns e-Notetaking and Research with NoodleTools Montclair State UniversityMary Beth Davis Makerspaces 101 Montclair State UniversityLeslie Wise • Leslie Wise Increase Student Math Skills Using Khan Academy Montclair State UniversityMitch Wasserman Use of Vernier Technology for NJ Student Learning Standards Classes and Standardized Testing Montclair State UniversityMichael D'Alessio Balancing the Teaching with the Tech-ing Montclair State UniversityChristine Lion-Bailey Breakout EDU Montclair State UniversityErin Marmara Create a Kahoot! Montclair State UniversityVeronica O'Neill Live Web Cams in the Classroom Montclair State UniversityDiane Cook • Tanya Sulikowski Make Your Teacher Evaluation System Meaningful: Fostering Consistent Growth with an Individualized Technology Plan for Every Teacher Montclair State UniversityApril Astacio-Banda Noteworthy Ways to include Music into Your Curriculum Montclair State UniversityLeanne Weiss Open Badges in the K-12 Classroom Montclair State UniversityLauren Zucker Using Drones to Enhance NGSS-Infused Science Instruction: A Case Study Montclair State UniversityAlexander Kuziola Using Technology to Build a Student-Centered Classroom Montclair State UniversityKatie Nieves Drive Student Growth with the Best-in-Class K-12 Education Technology Platform Montclair State UniversityPatty Gallagher Going from Creator to Maker with pi-top and Raspberry Pi Montclair State UniversityAndrew Grefig

3:30pm EST

Wednesday, January 10

9:00am EST

12:30pm EST

Thursday, January 11

9:00am EST

12:30pm EST